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My Work Includes
Intuitive & Intellect Coaching, Energy Alignment & Yoga Therapy, Custom Meditation, Visualization & Manifestation Guide, Laws of the Cosmos
Intuitive by Sight, Sound & Knowing

About Me

I have a deep passion for sharing useful and tangible tools and wisdom with others so that they may find clarity, navigate their healing  and actualize their purpose and goals!

I approach my work, as a whole, intuitively, but all of my teachings are deeply rooted in the science of Energy, Attention and Alignment.

My Sessions

My sessions and offerings utilize and embody insights and teachings from my experience and education in meditation, breath-work, yoga practice & philosophy, Ayurveda - the science of food and body, quantum physics and the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect (karma), the law of allowance and a respectfully honed intuition.

Whether you're here to move through a healing time or build an empire, my sessions can help you navigate your goals with a loving curiosity, confidence and JOY.

Personal Coach, Program & Workshop Director + Facilitator, Writer, Speaker, Yoga Therapist


Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp, Phone & Email

20 minutes - 60 minutes

There are no intentions or subjects that are off limits or out of bounds in any of the services I offer. whatever you are experiencing, there is an approach to assist you.