Conscious Coaching is an intellectual based service that helps the group or individual understand the nature of "challenge" & how to move more seamlessly & creatively through it. These sessions are focused on reshaping perspectives & refining the foundation of thoughts, in doing so, raising the overall quality of the persons life & well-being. 
Learn how to be a mindful & powerful creator.

The foundation of Conscious Coaching is rooted in the Law of Allowance & the Law of Attraction. Using the power of Focus, Attention & Surrender, to manifest desired results or change. The methods are practical and incredibly effective, requiring only one major element for success - practice.

With a yogic background, insight & intuition, I am able to connect with you on an energetic level. In a 1 on 1 session I help you discover more clearly why you might be experiencing specific challenges or discomforts in your life. Together we reshape your perspective & redirect your participation, to successfully change & enhance the quality of your life.

Recommendations  &  'homework'  are made at each session to help you navigate change during the following weeks.
(Book(s)/Readings- Tailored Activities- Mantras, Yoga Postures, Meditations- Dietary Changes- Sensory Adjustments)


60 minute session


90 minute session



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