intuit coaching

6 weeks of customized



1 to 1 sessions  |  zoom  |  phone |  email

A program of valuable content, guidance and direction, for any stage of your life path.

a deeper dive

6 weeks of deeper self-discovery, healing, personal development and elevating your manifestation skills.

This program is for the person who has done some self-work, has a lot of questions and a deep desire to be well and be happy.

Over 12 hours of epic transformational, life-expanding, energy-shifting guidance are waiting for you!

this program may be for you if

✓ you are in recovery during/after illness, loss, grief
experiencing a major wanted or unwanted life change including divorce/separation, leaving a job, starting a business or the like
✓ experiencing a general imbalance or lack of direction

​✓ experiencing increasing anxiety, stress or long periods of depression
✓ feeling lost, overwhelmed or apathetic


included in your program

  • initial 90 minute reading & session to learn the details of your current life experience and clarify your intentions for your program (value $275)

  • an initial custom blueprint plan to help you successfully actualize your intentions, sent to your inbox (value $175)

  • weekly updates to your plan as you heal, shift and manifest, sent to your inbox (value $89/wk)
    including: new rituals, affirmations, tasks ie. specific journaling, specific meditations/classes/lessons etc, lifestyle adjustments including food/sleep/activity & much more

  • 2, 30 minute or 1, 60 minute
    intuitive coaching sessions each week (value $180/wk)


  • programs cannot be shared

  • the program and sessions are completed over the phone, using zoom and email, and is available worldwide!

  • the 6 weeks must be completed consecutively and is built to be an addition to your life whether you're working, on vacation or raising a family!

  • program purchases are a final sale

  • your weekly intuitive coaching sessions are available Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-7:30pm
    Mountain Standard Time


  • a booked session can be rescheduled up to 1 time

  • customized 15 minute meditations (value $125)
    guided over the phone (weeks 2 & 5)
    tailored to your intentions, goals or healing

  • 2 customized yoga sequence (value $125)
    written instruction sent to your inbox (weeks 2 & 6)
    tailored to your intentions, goals or healing 

  • 1 customized Spotify playlist (value $45)
    tailored to your intentions, goals or healing (week 2)

  • 1 weekly oracle card pull for inspo (value $25)
    an optional tool to help you connect with your intuition

  • open email communication for questions and additional guidance (value $75/wk)

purchase options

  • The Weekly
    A Weekly Payment of $315
    purchased every Monday

  • Single Payment  (save $257.25)
    1 Payment of $1632.75

  • Growing Together!  (save $362.25)
    1 E-Transfer Payment of $1527.75 each
    sign-up with a friend and you each save an additional $150 on your program!