I have found my greatest revelations and wisdom through the countless conversations I have shared with the people who have sat in my chair. The words & videos you find here are those conversations, expanded and deepened to bring further light & understanding.



August 6, 2015

Q.How do I move on? It’s been so long.

A. When an experience finds it way to closure we almost always feel a sense of loss. As we begin to notice that the current situation we are living - is leaving, we scurry to avoid feeling pain, confusion and heartbreak. Often ti...

August 1, 2015

How do you know when you have forgiven someone? What are some signs or symptoms if any?

If forgiveness had symptoms, amongst others, here are a few that I believe to be the most obvious:

-When hearing the name of the person who has "hurt you", or seeing them, talki...

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