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A new way of sharing, teaching and learning to help the
modern day doer move through life with clarity, creativity & trust.

Card Reading

30min:   50.00

Energy Clearing/Healing

30min:   50.00
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Consciousness Coaching

45min:   50.00

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Energy Assessment
60min + Custom Plan:   80.00

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Private Yoga, Meditation
60min:   65.00

90min:   90.00
(add a +1:   40.00)

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Custom Well-Being Session
2hrs:   160.00

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(On Location, in Calgary:   40.00)

Custom Group Yoga, Meditation
2hrs, On Location Only - in Calgary

Group Size + Rates:
2-4:  250.00
5-9:  300.00
10+:  350.00

Together we reshape your perspective, shift and clear your energy & redirect your participation to enhance the quality of your life.


A custom yoga session is sweetly designed just for you, each session unique to your intention. It can begin from assisting you move from emotional or physical

discomfort to empowering, focusing and recharging your mind and ambitions. All reasons are good reasons to utilize yoga.


We use meditation for every and all reasons, from healing to manifesting. There are an array of different meditations available, both that you may be guided through and taught how to use on your own.


I use hands-on healing to help relieve symptoms of varying discomforts in all well-being areas including physical, emotional & energetic. This powerful tool can help shift pain, beliefs, patterns and habits.

Maybe you are looking to make a fresh start, renew your perspective, or to finally part with disserving habits or relationships.


Are you ready to actualize your dreams?
These sessions were created to support you in your movement towards a fearless and more fulfilling life.


These 1 on 1 sessions collectively incorporate the timeless wisdom and power of mindfulness to help you navigate your life, from your thoughts & emotions to the finer details of your hopes & ambitions. 



With a background richly steeped in yoga philosophy and ancient teachings of energy and mindfulness, I am able to connect with you on an intuitive and energetic level. In our 1 on 1 session we explore why you might be experiencing specific challenges or discomforts in your life and what we can do to effectively shift your path.

Together we reshape your perspective, shift and clear your energy & redirect your participation to enhance the quality of your life.

My intention is to leave you feeling clear, connected and inspired.

I look forward to creating & growing with you.

- Edina

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