Group Gatherings  +  Workshops

custom learning + wellness

Personal & Professional Workshops are offered to bring people together to collaboratively learn, connect and expand collective awareness & wellness.

Custom Sessions and Workshops are offered on location and can be hosted in office, in home or to compliment any event or educational program.

1 Hour Custom Session:  $150.00
$100/hr for each additional hour up to 4 hours


4 Hour Custom Workshop:  $500.00

Cost is adjusted for groups less than 4. Inquire!

Sessions can include:

Yoga, Meditation, Inquiry, Lesson & Journaling

Workshops can include:

Session Tools PLUS custom Workbooks & Hands-On Learning, Deeper Subject Lectures

Custom workbooks & class material

are not mandatory and are not included in session rates.

Ask how your group can benefit from custom workbooks.


Custom workbooks may also be purchased separately.

To purchase custom workbooks inquire here.

You may request the intention, level and depth of yoga and/or meditation, and other tools and subjects your group may want to explore or experience.


Fearless, A Workshop
Manifestation, A Workshop
Ego vs. Intuition, A Workshop
Forgiveness; Challenging a New Perspective, A Workshop
Healing My Energy, A Workshop

Interested in another subject? Inquire Here!


Sessions can include a broad range of guided yoga or meditations to help energize and manage stress and amplify your wellness. No experience is required, classes are designed to be gentle in nature unless otherwise requested.

Depending on your groups wellness intentions, Oracle Cards can be used to bring extra inspiration.