Dark Days, 1st Edition
A Ritual for Cultivating Understanding, Gratitude, Patience & Compassion in Dark Days
A Mini Workbook
PDF Format, Download, Printable

This 4 page mini-workbook is curated with guidance, insight and over 20 effective and thoughtful questions to help you connect and heal the hard feelings that arise in Dark Days. Intended to help you authentically move through challenging life experiences and help you develop resiliency, gratitude, courage and a deeper understanding for yourself and for life.

If you consider the Darkness and Dark experiences to be an interesting and valuable teacher you may shift the way you learn, perceive and grow, exponentially.


This Mini-Workbook is for you if you are:
x) struggling with very heavy emotions
x) struggling to find joy or inner-peace

x) wanting to learn about what is really bothering you
x) wanting to deepen your self-awareness
x) ready to let go of a Dark Day
x) experiencing the same Dark Days repeatedly