My Life on Purpose,  2nd Edition
A Workbook for Self-Awareness & Curating a Life On Purpose

This 18 page workbook is jam-packed with guidance & carefully selected questions, designed to help YOU understand what is turly working for you, what is not, and what new opportunity you may be ready to call forth into your reality.

Living a Life On Purpose is easy, its roots are simply planted in making choices that are aligned with what make you feel good.
What about your life isn't an inspiring addition to your Good Vibes? and why is it still kickin' around? Let the workbook gently guide you to a better understanding of yourself & empowering you to live your best life.

Authenticating is
50% Action
(Making new choices and participating in things that inspire you)
50% Surrender
(Letting Go of the things that don't bring you joy)
Both require Courage. Both require Self-Awareness!


This Workbook is for you if you are:
x) feeling stuck or uninspired

x) thinking about making a change but don't know where to begin
x) wanting to deepen your self-awareness
x) curious about the possibilities of your future
x) ready to acknowledge the fears that are holding you back




edina antoinette