Self-Check-In, a Ritual,  1st Edition
A Ritual for Inner-Peace & Curating a Mindful Life
A 20 Minute Breathwork & Reflection Worksheet
PDF Format, Download, Printable


This 2 page worksheet is curated with 13 effective questions to utilizie with breathwork and 5 affirmations to help you connect with your body and your unique energy. Allow this worksheet to guide you to an intentional and strong relationship with your mind and body and begin to shift the quality of your life immediately. 

Authenticating is
50% Action
(Making new choices and participating in things that inspire you)
50% Surrender
(Letting Go of the things that don't bring you joy)
Both require Courage. Both require Self-Awareness!


This Worksheet is for you if you are:
x) feeling stuck, tired or uninspired

x) need a change but not sure where to begin
x) wanting to deepen your self-awareness
x) curious about the well-being possibilities of your health and happiness
x) experiencing energies of anxiety or depression
x) struggling with tendencies of perfectionism



edina antoinette