40Min Intuitive Coaching

Zoom or Phone Call

  • 45 minutes
  • 147 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom/Skype or Phone Call

about THE Q+A

An epic session of Q+A. Life-Changing. Every Time. Experiencing a shift? Feeling the intensity of your circumstance? Need clarity? Direction? Refocus? Need help with your manifestations? Questions can be personal or about every and all other, impersonal subjects. Questions can sound like: Why is/did ________ happen/ing What should I do about ________ Why is this person ________ Why did this person ________ Why do I feel ________ How do I ________ Why does ________ keep happening What does ________ mean Is ________ a sign? Is________ right for me? ​​The number of Questions answered in a session vary depending on the depth of explanation required per question.

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