expansive coaching.

Do you need both insight into your energy-field & guidance about navigating your circumstance or goals?
Are you in a time of Transition?
Or navigating a healing journey?
Do you need clarity, affirmation or direction?
Are you wanting to build a business, start a project, or start something new?

Do you need solutions or guidance?

Do you have questions about several different things or areas of your life? This session is for you!


The success of these sessions are cultivated from my experience and education in meditation, breath-work, yoga practice & philosophy, Ayurveda - the science of food and body, quantum physics and the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect (karma), the law of allowance and a respectfully honed intuition.

There are are no subjects out of bounds, no discomfort too small and no vision too big.

Questions can sounds like:

  • Why is/did ____ happen/ing

  • Why is/did this person ____

  • Why do I feel ____

  • How do I make this ____ change

  • Why does ____ keep happening

  • What does ____ mean

  • Is____ right for me

  • How do I heal ____

  • What are the next steps


The number of topics or questions answered/addressed in a session vary depending on the depth of information/solution required per question.


expansive coaching

Virtual or Phone Call
starting at $78.75