Forgiveness, pt.1

How do you know when you have forgiven someone? What are some signs or symptoms if any? ​ If forgiveness had symptoms, amongst others, here are a few that I believe to be the most obvious: ​ -When hearing the name of the person who has "hurt you", or seeing them, talking to them or hearing about them no longer negatively effects you. -When their actions, same behaviour or new, no longer bother you. -When you wish blessings and grace and saving for them, instead of punishment. -When you no longer have to search for clarity or wonder about why they did/do this or that. & Finally, -When you are able to see the child in them, the purity, their lack of knowledge or understanding, and feel empathetic towards them - for simply being human and doing & dealing the best way they can from their perspective. ​ ​​ The truth is, we are all doing the best we can from the perspective in which we live from. Forgiveness is a word that almost always keeps us from living a lasting happiness. It actually identifies our initial loss of power. We should focus on seeking Understanding & Acceptance, that is where our profound healing is. Understanding and acceptance are powers that supersede the contrast of 'good & bad' - a subjective contrast that forgiveness is directly linked to. We must seek to feel the equality of importance in "good and bad" experiences, & embrace that there is no one to blame, instead ascertain the great purpose of the occurrence. We do not need to spend time seeking clarity on WHAT happened "to us", but instead, productively ask HOW & WHY: Why was I a part of this experience? How will I choose to participate in my healing & happiness? How was this intended to change my life, and how will this experience help redirect me to living a more accurate version of the life I say want to live? "Sometimes the 'bad' things that happen in our lives, put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us" ...Except, it's every time, & it's up to you to focus your energy on figuring out how this experience will take you to the best things that will every happen to you, with you & for you. Heaven is Within

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