Love / Lovelessness

Loneliness. lone(liness) = lack love = abundance Before you were able to feel and define the term loneliness, you first had to define the term love. Here is what I have noticed about those who experience loneliness, and their definition of love. Love is: 1. intimacy you share with your significant other, someone you have chosen and deemed to be worthy of your time, compassion, support and affection. 2. something that is exchanged through physical interaction with someone. 3. something you reserve only for your family, your children, your friends & maybe your hobbies. Notice that in all 3 vague definitions of love, you are making the choice to share, give, receive or exchange love. In other words you are conditionally controlling where you are investing your love. ​ Therefore, if you have neither a significant other, or children, or are not someone who is interested in 'short-lived physical interactions', you are in a state in which your love is neither being shared or expressed. ​Enter loneliness (lovelessness). ​ no love = lack = loneliness. loneliness = lack of love ​​ Loneliness is a choice, and love is a choice. Love is something you are, & you become it - by DOING it. You are either putting love into washing the dishes, combing your hair, grocery shopping, ​smiling at strangers, cutting your grass, cleaning your bathroom or, you. are. not. Love ​​is the ability to not only be present in all of your daily events and activities, but doing it mindfully, intentionally, lovingly, wholeheartedly, and with gratitude. Love is the ability to not only notice the tree that soars into the sky but recognizing and appreciating that you never had to do anything to ensure its growth. It is the ability to be thankfulfor the life sustaining element it provides you with. It is the remembrance that your life was created in the same one-ness Love is connecting to the smell of the air in the morning, and the heat of the sun in the afternoon. Love is peacefully comforting a crying baby as she's challenged by the growing pains no one is able to relate to. Love is not reacting to the disrespectful coworker in an equally vulgar way, but knowing that her behavior is a reflection of her broken heart. ​​ Love is a perception. It is a choice. ​A way that you choose to connect with your life, and everything you do, every minute of everyday. If you are choosing to be love only some of the day, ​your truth might be that you are experiencing loneliness for the rest of it. Choice is the ultimate Power & you've had it all along. Love. or Lovelessness. Edina

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