Grace & Attitude

Life has an inherent flow.

The trees don't require your effort or acknowledgement, the sun and the rain keep them alive so they can keep you breathing. There is a force greater than you that keeps you still, while we spin on this magnificent rock we've named Earth. Your body has the same inherent flow. It digests food without your efforts or your permission. Your lungs expand and contract oxygenating your body, also without your effort or permission. There is a kind of magic that makes things flow, that keeps things growing. Moving. Expanding. Life is an eternal experience of change & contrast. While you are busy making plans, daydreaming, hoping and wishing, life is moving through you and around you. Along the way you are going to discover a great deal about yourself, the things that trigger your self-awareness, your fears, your insecurities. You are continuously learning about what you brings you joy, what feeds your soul, nourishes your mind and what works for your body. Therefore your future is constantly evolving.

As a fellow visionary and planner, I tend to assume that I can create the best map to reach my destination. I think many of us do. And though our efforts do and have taken us places and allowed us to achieve goals, giving us the gift of satisfaction, fulfillment and memories; our way, our design, is often not the most efficient travel plan. Often, the natural flow of life steps out in front of us, stopping us on our tracks. This disruption often shows up as disatisfaction in work, in our relationships, our health and even our financial 'stability'. These disruptions occur to have us re-evaluate our map. When it feels like we are being forced onto a new path or in a new direction, our power shifts from creating to trusting and allowing. Can you trust the divine flow of life to take you where you need to go? Can you allow the unexpected disruptions to move onto a better path?

Can you be patient in letting this new path show you the benefits it can provide you? Grace includes the ability to recognize and accept unplanned disruptions, and trust them like the Universe has your best interests in mind. Your attitude includes to the power to ask yourself - could this be happening for my best interests? And if it really is - how can I move with this new flow to serve me best? When something shows up in your life that dampens your spirit or makes you doubt your capabilities or the potential of your dreams actualizing - recognize immediately that there is a valuable experience waiting for you that will help you level up - and move you more effectively towards your dreams. Let the same Universe that feeds the trees, so that the trees can feed you - help you. Allow the guidance & give thanks.


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