Q. How do I know if I am Spiritual? Spirituality is often associated with the consistent practice of self cleansing processes, like meditation, prayer, writing or certain types of energy balancing exercises like yoga or thai chi. These practices most certainly play a significant part of your spiritual process as they are intended to keep you grounded & most obviously, keep you close to the inherent magic of life, like the sky, and the stars and the matter in which everything is created from. These practices will inevitably bring balance to your mind and body, which essentially eliminate fear by keeping you close to what’s most important – your breath. The discipline of practicing them will undoubtedly help you to achieve an all around sense of clarity; clarity of purpose, clarity of desire, and clarity of life’s divine truths. ​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​ When you are able to maintain this balance and clarity, and fear naturally diminishes, your light begins to shine organically. Some tendencies of those who are committed to these practices are compassion, passion, joy and selflessness. People who have reached that depth of spirituality can accurately be defined as authentic. They carry an air of effortlessness in being themselves and nothing less than. They are honest without the need to argue their perspective. They respect and appreciate the choices others make for their own lives despite their personal opinions or knowledge. They make others feel comfortable and welcomed despite their (equitable) differences. Authenticity: the ability to be yourself gently, without imposing or needing to define yourself to anything or anyone. The fearlessness to be you, respectfully and lovingly. Authenticity is the outcome of spirituality whether or not you pray, use or relate to the word God, or listen to the soothing sounds of nature. There is no one way to becoming the most authentic version of you, but from my perspective authenticity is the most divine achievement, spiritually or otherwise. "Authenticity requires a certain amount of vulnerability, transparency & integrity" - JLS​​ Striving to become spiritual is striving to know the SELF. It is a journey. An exploration. A lifetime of discovery. Edina

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