Healing Anxiety

This post is for everyone who experiences that alarming, piercing sensation that illuminates every corner of their body. I will share with you the 5 most effective practices that helped me eradicate anxiety from my being.

#1. B R E A T H CONTROL The moment it hits, go to your breath and use this specific Breathing Sequence. The 4 Count Breath

1. Inhale your breath in (through your nose) to the count of 4 seconds 2. HOLD your breath at the top of on your Inhale for 4 seconds 3. Exhale your breath out (through your nose) to the count of 4 seconds

4. HOLD your breath at the bottom of your Exhale for 4 seconds Repeat this for at least 1 full minute, up to 3 minutes if necessary. After the first 5 breaths of this sequence your nervous system will begin to resettle, calming your entire body and soothing any muscle tension. This will allow your body to soften and your breath to become easy. You may notice that you become slightly light headed, this is common, allow yourself to flow into the peace. Use this sequence even when you are not experiencing anxiety as a pro-active measure, once in the morning, before lunch and after work. This breath sequence is also tremendously effective for those who are restless right before sleep or who experience bouts of insomnia. If you experience insomnia, practice this sequence for a minimum of 3 minutes, up to 10 minutes before sleep in a lying down position. Note: This breath sequence is grounding, not energizing. It is recommended for those who experience higher bouts of energy in the body, not for those who require more energy.

#2. THE UNTETHERED SOUL by Michael A. Singer Not exclusive to those who experience anxiety, this book is life changing for anyone with an over-active mind of any kind. In an effort not to spoil or influence your experience in any way, I will not disclose the information found in this book, to allow you a personal and authentic experience of understanding and healing. However, I will share that it will help you understand your mind and all its functionalities on a level that can change and heal the quality of your life and well-being. Click HERE to review the book on Amazon

#3. H O L Y B A S I L HOLY INDEED! From my experience, there has been no herbal remedy quite as effective as this one, seriously. In my opinion, its effectiveness is pharmaceutical grade. The best part? 100% natural with no chance of dependency. Holy Basil is a member of the mint family, known as its botanical form, Ocimum Sanctum. For more details and information about the herb itself you can click here. It takes about 30-60 minutes to feel the effects of Holy Basil. I have found that you can take it the moment you begin to feel anxiety come on to prevent the bodily effects of anxiety. My Experience/Recommendation + New Chapter Holy Basil is the most effective, purest brand I have tried. + Take 1 Capsule when you are feeling fine just to familiarize yourself with its effect + Take 2 Capsules when you feel anxiety come on + You can take 1-2 Capsules every day as a pro-active measure (read more about how Holy Basil helps to regulate the flight/fight response and hormones) + I have found that if I am not experiencing hyper/displaced energy in my body, Holy Basil can make feel sleepy/tired. + I have found it to be a grounding herb, not an energizing one. #4. M O V E & Move Some More Most people who experience anxiousness are experiencing a surge of energy in the body. Like a bundle of ping pong balls flying around at lightening speed. The more you allow your mind to look for reasons as to why you are experiencing this hyper discomfort, the faster the balls move and the more intense the sensation becomes. M O V I N G can be an active measure - as soon as the sensation rises, get up and move to a degree that feels good for you (fast or slow). Moving is also a pro-active measure - keeping your energy at an even keel by choosing an appropriate time of day that you can dedicate to the movement of your body and release/re-organization of your energy. Moving helps to MOVE the energy out of your body, calming your nervous system and regulating your body in its entirety. The type of movement varies per person. I personally vary daily. I listen to my body on any given day, if it requires a more slow and grounding movement or a more vigorous, energizing activity. #5. M A N T R A S + I AM CALM + I SURRENDER + I AM STRONG, POWERFUL & GRACEFUL + I AM FEARLESS

+ I am statements help to FOCUS your mind. + They help You, the Observer, give your Mind an activity. + You repeat the Mantra, and then your body takes on a new vibration. + Your body begins to listen to the mantra and you begin to BECOME it. ++ (That is the beginning of genuine healing.

(1)Thoughts become (2)beliefs and then they begin to reshape your (3)reality. Important Notes:

1. It took a number of years to learn about all of these tools & then apply them proficiently; 2. Once I applied them, it took roughly 4 months of regular practice, of all 5 things, before I went one month without anxiety 3. I used these teachings and tools regularly, even after I stopped experiencing anxiety;

4. My experience with anxiety has led me to live a more balanced, mindful, and authentic life. It was the very real discomfort of anxiety that helped me make the changes required to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. 5. Anxiety is a CALL INWARD, a Call to CHANGE, a Call to HEAL, a Call to Authenticate. 6. Trust your intuition, trust your power, READ The Untethered Soul - like, tonight. 7. "You are Powerful beyond Measure." - Marianne Williamson

METANOIA (n.) the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life.

It is a journey, my friends. With Love, Edina

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