Stars & Sadness

We are in a time of immeasurable change & challenging growth.

Our global community is confused, misguided, misinformed and as a result, feeling the pangs of sadness, loss of hope, enthusiasm and interest. We have made tremendous technological advancements that greeted us with the opportunity to connect, yet we feel lonelier, more distant, more insecure and more vulnerable than ever before.

I believe that when you are meant to be doing better things with your life and can't seem to catch a glimpse of the vision - the Universe has an interesting and relentless way of throwing you curve balls to get your attention, simply to have you revaluate your life and reconsider your options. The question is, what are you doing today that isn't serving your joy in some way? and why?

Sometimes we shock ourselves with our answers, realizing just how much we participate in our own unhappiness. We can easily forget that we are the ones responding to life - sometimes agreeing to do things that our hearts disagree with, or even saying no to things that our hearts really long for. We often let fear win, too often.

I have noticed more and more people going through experiences that are challenging their comfort zones. Like an epidemic of awakening. As if the Universe is shouting "HEY!! ARE YOU IN THERE? WHY ARE YOU SAD? WE CAN DO BETTER! LET'S MAKE CHANGES!" And honestly - I think people are catching on. They are putting their armour on, gathering their tools, practicing trust and agreeing to go out on a mission called SELF. They are remembering that this life is theirs. They are taking the wheel and steering themselves straight into possibility and opportunity.

Every project that I plan or engage in has a focus - a core value - an ultimate purpose. Without intention, the focus of each of my projects has remained the same - alleviate suffering & seek to inspire. I am starting to believe my infatuation with that purpose lies within my personal perspective. A perspective that can only and simply be defined as bittersweet. When you see the deep sadness in something you are also able to immediately connect with the deep and remarkable joy of it. I have always naturally looked at the colours of the sky and the sunrise like it's the first time I am seeing it, and every time I watch the sun light up the air I am immediately washed over with the sadness that one day I will look at the sky for the last time, and at the very same time I am crying tears of joy for being able to have witnessed it in that exact moment. Imagine the way you could delight in the presence of a tree, or a musician, or a colleague, or even a traffic jam, if you could connect with the truth - that one day it will be the last time you lay your eyes on it. Imagine the depth of gratitude you would have, and how suddenly fearless you would become. How much you would want to see and touch and experience. You would look challenge and failure straight in the face and say "Let's play and just see what happens!"

I want to leave you with this seemingly unrelated word - interdependence. Defined as the dependence of two or more people or things on each other. Call a friend. Start a book club. Have a BBQ, invite the whole block. Go to classes and workshops and events. CONNECT. Connection is the probably the root of creation, right up there with clarity. Find people whose vibes LIGHT YOU UP and build a fire together. Create, cry, hug, get real and make memories. Won't be long before you're home, a star in the sky once more. Edina

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