To Feel Free

I think it's a misunderstanding. I think what you see Is the outside - The landing.

Your eyes never meet The energy It takes Just to take off. Just to move from standing.

Discipline. Disappointment. It never ends - The late nights, It's demanding.

Be thankful for what you have - For your potential, Your talent - Your strength & Please

Seek understanding.

It's easy to forget what it takes - What it takes to feel free. This is my own rhythm, My dance, The only dance I know - This is me being me - The only way I know how to be. Love

Real love Can only come from one place - A place of sincerity. If it's not there, it's not there.

So Thank you -

and thank you anyway.

No hard feelings. Edina

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Edina Antoinette


THE CULTURE //   a knowing. a vibe. a state of being.    + PHOTO & DESIGN.

by  edina  antoinette

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