Leave & Receiving

When an experience finds it way to closure we almost always feel a sense of loss.

As we begin to notice that the current situation we are living - is leaving, we scurry to avoid feeling pain, confusion and heartbreak.

Often times we don’t know why or when this relationship started to fail, or why we must leave our job, all we know is that when it’s time for it to go, its ending is inevitable. For a period of time we attempt to salvage what is left, save what we can and try to protect ourselves from change.

We resist change in fear of experiencing the unknown. We tend to choose comfort, and what we know, even if it persists feelings of hell, than to seek the possibility of something that may feel better, simply because we haven’t yet focused on what it could look like or how we might get there. The truth is that our finest moments ​are likely to occur when we are feeling ​deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. ​For it is only in such moments, ​propelled by our discomfort, ​that we are likely to step out of our ruts ​and start searching for different ways ​or truer answers. - M. Scott Peck​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ When discomfort arises in our experience (you know the feeling), pushing or pulling or even dragging us away from it, ​its intention is to call us back to the drawing board. ​It’s the Universe saying to us:​ “ HEY, the way you eat or the way you smoke or the way you sip that vodka, or your lack of sleep or those tears in those sweet beautiful eyes... ​ it’s telling me you don’t LOVE the life you’re livin’ ”. “ Let me take you to a place where things feel better. There will be many different people and plenty of opportunities and activities that will get you feeling better ​(& maybe, if you allow it - even inspire you), ​have a lil’ faith in me ”. ​ The truth is, the end, actually every ending you will ever have, is always, always and infinitely a beginning. When you empty your glass, the Universe will find a way, many ways, to fill it. But if you keep your glass full, with good or bad feeling people and experiences, there is no room for new opportunity. You must be willing to let go, finish things, close the door in order for you to have greater experiences. ​​ "A miracle is a shift in perception" – Marianne Williamson If every time something ended for you, a job, a relationship, a friendship, a ANYTHING, you remembered that something new and something great, now has enough space to find you, you will never spend more than a couple of hours, maybe even minutes, grieving the loss of a past experience; you might even feel gratitude and appreciation for having had it. ​​ Loss is challenging, as its intention is to strengthen your character and expand the greatness of your life experience; ​but there is no real losing in loss. You lose, You gain. ​​ ​ Despite the hurt in the loss of a friend, you will make another. And alike, despite the worry in the loss of your job, you will find another. All for the beautiful sake of (a greater life) Experience. Your glass is continuously being refilled, by YOUR command, whether you’re doing it consciously or not. The Universe is in constant motion; lovingly, desperately, attempting to take you to the experiences and feelings that you want to have, that is if ​you would let it take you. Edina

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