Paradise isn't a place. It is a feeling. - L. Boyer To me, freedom means being able to connect with your joy at any time. It means being able to find excitement and gratefulness about the magic of life at any moment. Freedom is the ability to find peace in chaos, hope in times of struggle, and light in times of darkness. I don't attach my happiness to an end result. I have deeply realized that the journey to the goal must be as fun and as fulfilling as the potential destination. I have realized that how I feel while I am creating my goal is just as important, if not more important, than actualizing my goal. My ability to feel free is solely dependent on my ability to connect with how I am feeling and make the necessary adjustments for that moment or for my life in its entirety. I never wait till things get really bad, I notice when things are not working well and I make the necessary adjustments. And sometimes those adjustments can mean picking up and leaving entirely. Your most powerful tool is that you are a living, feeling, sensing being. You can not only internalize and interpret experiences but you are able to make choices and decisions that serve you better. This is your power. This power can effect your overall sense of freedom and inevitably your sense of fulfillment. What choices are you making? What are you allowing or enabling in your life that isn't serving your happiness? What is holding you back from letting go of it? What can you begin to do that can change your experience? Take time to evaluate your life. Where are you investing your energy and is it serving your joy and the life you hope to have? Edina

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THE CULTURE //   a knowing. a vibe. a state of being.    + PHOTO & DESIGN.

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