Opportunity & Darkness

There is so much to gain in times of Darkness. The experience here is quite different from that of the Light. It’s not effortless, and not quite as calm. It is a time & place that demands your undivided attention. What you feel here is usually not something you wished for, & if you did - you didn’t know it.

It is an experience that drags you, Away from the light.

Often when you arrive to the Darkness, You’ll question how you got here. Why am I here? Why me?

Opposing the feelings of those experienced in the Light, Here, you feel things under the nature of Fear. Here, you’re usually a little lost, a little confused & a little broken. Here, is where you’ve accumulated enough of the same unproductive experiences that a power, higher than you in vibration, brought you here to the Dark, to reconsider your options. ​Here is where you’re given the opportunity to heal, redesign & redefine yourself. The Darkness, for many, is where Forgiveness happens, & letting go, & ​Self-Power is rediscovered. It is a Divine time & place. ​ ​​ Many different experiences can bring you here; Heartbreak Loss Imbalance of the Mind or the Body Sloth Lack of Understanding, Direction or Purpose To name a f​ew… ​ What is not understood about the Dark is that, It is as natural & as necessary as Life in the Light What is learned here can’t be learned elsewhere. You will visit the Dark many times in your life Undoubtedly, its purpose is to serve your Greater Good, Your Highest Power, your Ultimate Purpose. What you will gain here supersedes the struggle & the emotional discomfort that you are likely to experience here. Every time you come to visit, Attempt to come without resistance, Come Consciously, with the intention to Grow & Let Go - Knowing this experience too, won’t last forever. There are many things to learn & understand during your visit, & I encourage you to Surrender to the healing that is intended to happen here, Whatever brought you here, ultimately brought you here to save you,

on some necessary level; it delivered you from a Place of Love, to Save you from your own disserving choices. To help depart you & detach you from your past. ​​ Know that impermanence is the one guarantee in this life. No experience has the promise of forever, & there is divine purpose to everything, every experience, every person. When life brings you change, Know that its intention is to have you Live a Greater Life Experience, even if you must pass briefly through an experience of the Dark. The objective of the Darkness is to have you hone & perfect your Energy, Your Sensitivity, your Compassion, your Wisdom – your Power. When sadness is upon you, or anger, or confusion – Be with it fully do not resist the discomfort. Become one with the feeling and let it take you and teach you, There is tremendous Wealth here, & it is Yours to be Had. Edina

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