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If you are experiencing a significant energetic change, that seems to be more challenging to handle on your own, a new Ritual might be the cleanse you need to help you Reset + Heal.


Beginning with a 30 minute talk-session, we dive deep into your life and what you are experiencing. We discuss how many days you are comfortable committing

and a Ritual Reset is built for you.

This R+R includes everything from food, sleep, home shifts & chores, spirit assignments, readings, self care, meditations, movement practice and SO much more.
Your custom Ritual Reset arrives in pdf format straight to your inbox no later than two business days after your 

Ritual Reset
11 Days:  $80

22 Days:  $110
33 Days:  $140

a Ritual Reset

This intuitive coaching session is designed to help guide you to the answers and understanding that you seek. In each session you are given tools to help you move through your current discomfort or challenge. If you're interested in something a little different from traditional counselling or coaching, this might be the session for you. These sessions can be done in studio or over the phone.

Regular Sessions
40 minutes:   $40
60 minutes:   $50

90 minutes:   $70

Strategy Maps are available after each session to better define a clear route that can help you achieve your ultimate mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Strategy Maps are sent via e-mail 24-48 hours after your session.

Strategy Maps:  $40

the Session

If you are working through some potent self-discovery, the Deep-Self Mentorship Program can offer richly guided energetic support and healing.

This program is available to everyone, communicated online and by phone. 

The Program Includes:

- (1) Energy Assessment
(1) Initial Strategy Map
Each Week:

90 minutes of talk-time/sessions
- 100% e-mail access & communication
- Self-Discovery Assignments:
- written work/journaling/planning,

yoga sequences meditations

energy and ritual work

& more

3 weeks:   $450

4 weeks:   $600

6 weeks:   $800

8 weeks:   $1000


Pay As You Go Program:
Initial Energy Assessment + 

     Strategy Map:   $140      
Weekly Program:   $190/week 

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the Program