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clairvoyant energy readings

for life, healing and creating


How we are feeling determines the quality of our lives & our capacity to create. The purpose of this work is to first help you understand what you are experiencing, why and how, then to assist you in healing and building a life that you love.
If you are looking to make 
significant change or enhancements to your life and would benefit from regular and valuable guidance,
view the Deeper Dive, 6 Week Program.


The Reading is about translating and sharing useful and tangible information about you, your life and your energy-field. Your energy-field is responsible for creating and attracting your life experiences and is always in your control even without your awareness or intentions.

This energy-field is a deep culmination of your entire life experience, including choices you've made and didn't consciously make, that have deeply impacted who you are; things you desire, dream and hope for; things, people and events that have and are currently making an impact in the quality of your life.

It is common to discover your ultimate potential and your innate gifts that you have been hiding from or neglecting. You may also discover the hard & negative forces that you have nurtured that are creating blockages or resistance in manifesting the life that you want to be living. 


Both unveiling and inspirational, your sessions will leave you with valuable insight about your life, your healing, your projects and your intentional and unintentional participation in its unfolding. 

All questions, purposes and intentions are welcomed.

clairvoyant energy reading

75 Minutes, Zoom or Phone Call

Do you need both insight into your energy-field & guidance about navigating your circumstance?

Are you in a time of Transition? Or navigating a healing journey after a loss, illness or breakup?
Do you need clarity, affirmation or direction?
Are you wanting to change your life-path and start something new, and need guidance on making a plan?

Do you have questions about several different things or areas of your life? This session is 
for you!

        questions can sound like:

  • Why is/did ____ happen/ing

  • Why is/did this person ____

  • Why do I feel ____

  • How do I make this ____ change

  • Why does ____ keep happening

  • What does ____ mean

  • Is____ right for me

  • How do I heal ____

  • What are the next steps


The number of topics or questions answered/addressed in a session vary depending on the depth of information/solution required per question.


intuitive coaching

a hybrid; coaching + reading
Zoom or Phone Call
20 Minutes, $89.25
40 Minutes, $147.00

60 Minutes, $189.00