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an intentionally and heavily nurtured intuition.
a willingness to know what can't be seen.
an eagerness to help.


THE reading


An in-depth clairvoyant reading of your energy field - your present, the known, the unseen and the potential.


These readings are for those who are ready to meet their blockages and learn about their areas of deep resistance. Both unveiling and inspirational, your Reading will leave you with valuable insight about your life and your participation in it. 




This Reading is not for the faint of heart.

This Reading is about you, your life, THIS LIFE.
This Reading is raw, real and unfiltered.

Intensive. 45 Minute  |  $190.00

Expansive. 90 Minute  |  $270.00




This Reading is about translating and sharing with you useful and quantifiable information about you, your life and your energy-field. Your energy-field is responsible for creating and attracting your life experiences and is always in your control even without your awareness or intentions. This energy-field is a deep culmination of your entire life experience, including choices you've made that have deeply impacted who you are; things you desire, and things, people and events that have and are currently making an impact in the unfolding and quality of your life. Your Reading may also include the discovery of your ultimate potential in this lifetime and your innate gifts that you may have been neglecting. It is also common to discover the hard & negative forces that you have nurtured that are creating blockages or resistance in manifesting the life that you want to be living and the way that you want to be feeling.


1. "Past Lives". How many lives you've "lived" and who or what you may have been before this current life experience, or any other non-relevant or useful or quantifiable information relative to this lifetime. 2. "Tarot & other Cards". Cards can be used as a tool to help a person discern what may be dominant in their consciousness or energy-field, but cannot be used to declare any kind of truth about who you are or anything about your future that is still and forever subject to change by your current power (thought and action). 3. "The Future". The future is constantly and forever subject to change so long as you're alive. The choices of your thoughts and actions, like they have shaped your past and who you are today, are still shaping your future and who you are tomorrow. The Reading does not suggest events that have not yet happened in a definitive way.

4. "The Deceased". What can be shared about any person who has passed is ONLY about who and what they were and their relationship to you while they were here in THIS lifetime. This subject is often discussed and taught in great detail.


1. All of your sessions are private and confidential. You may choose to record your session but it is recommended that you do not share it with others. Do not bring anyone with you to your appointment or have anyone with you in the room of your Zoom Call. 2. Readings are only performed at the time of an appointment and when agreed to by a person to respect the vulnerable nature of the context and information. 3. Once a Reading is complete, all information shared is respecfully left behind in the Reading. 4. Readings are raw and unfiltered for efficacy. What is shared is done in a "blunt" manner and is often not "sugar coated" to soften the receiving of the information. It is important to know that this is for efficiency in both relaying information in a timely and accurate way from the point of receiving it to sharing it with you.


1. Appointments are purchased at the time of booking. 2. Minimum age for any Service is 12 years old. Readings can be particularly insightful for ages 12-21. Inquire within for further information. 3. The Reading can only be booked once every 3 months minimum. 4. The Work sessions can only be booked once every 2 weeks minimum. 5. The Q+A is available to all persons over 12yrs. No booking restrictions.

6. Cancellations may be made up to 24 hours prior to a booked appointment without cancellation fees and your payment will be refunded within 3 business days.
Rescheduled appointments can be made up to 24 hours prior to your booked appointment.
- 60% of your service fee is non-refundable if a cancellation or reschdule is made with less than 24 hours notice.
- No-show
appointments are not qualified for any refund, 100% of the service fee is non-refundable.
In-Person appointments can easily be changed to virtual appointments when needed.
For any and all questions please email!


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