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by  edina  antoinette




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Our design services are for artists and entrepreneurs who need a creative and experienced hand in designing and developing their brand and online presence. There are a variety of things to consider when you are establishing your brand online and you can simply and easily discover what is best suited for your business needs and your budget. Consider having a live, custom photoshoot of you (&/or your team) 'at work' to add your unique vibes to your website or social communications.
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web & brand design
$50.00 per hour

initial consultation & questionnaire

web hosting & domain purchase
price varies by provider & your needs
$200.00 +/-


If you already have photos, fonts, logos and your written necessities for your website, the average build time is 8-16 hours. Sites for larger businesses and mixed media artists can take up to 30+ hours when starting from scratch.

If writing is not your specialty, worry not - we have you covered! If you aren't sure how to write your bio or accurately describe the vibe or mission of your business, we will send you a custom questionnaire that will help us to build your foundation. We will custom write all of the areas that your website or design work will need to suite your brand and serve your business. The additional hours required for custom written work depends on the size and requirements of your gallery or business.

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