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Custom Well-Being Sessions


60 minutes:  90.00

90 minutes:  120.00

2 hours:  160.00

Strategy Map:  40.00

On Location Session in Calgary: 40.00

This session is completely custom, allowing us to access all healing and learning tools to provide you with the most effective session. Tools available include but not limited to:
Hands-on & off Energy Healing

Intuitive & Card Readings

Custom Yoga & Meditation
Coaching & Guidance
Mapping & Journal Work



Discover how energy is moving in your body and its relationship to your mental and emotional well-being. You will receive your written assessment detailing recommendations and strategies to help you meet your health and healing intentions.


Energy Clearing/Healing + Reiki

30 minutes:  50.00

60 minutes:  80.00

90 minutes:  110.00

Do you need help moving or releasing stuck emotions, trapped energy or pain in your body? Hands-on & off energy healing is a potent form of release and relief.


Private + Custom

60 minutes:  60.00

90 minutes:  90.00

add a friend: 30.00

Learn how to move your body unique to your composition in your own, private and custom session. You may request the kind of session you'd like to experience based on mood, goals or interests.

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