I have found my greatest revelations and wisdom through the countless conversations I have shared with the people who have sat in my chair. The words & videos you find here are those conversations, expanded and deepened to bring further light & understanding.

Love, Edina

love + l o v e l e s s n e s s


lone(liness) = lack
love = abundance

Before you were able to feel and define the term loneliness, you first had to define the term love.
Here is what I have noticed about those who experience loneliness, and their definition of love.

Love is:
1. intimacy you share with your significant other, someone you have chosen and deemed to be worthy of your time, compassion, support and affection.

2. something that is exchanged through physical interaction with someone.

3. something you reserve only for your family, your children, your friends & maybe your hobbies.

Notice that in all 3 vague definitions of love, you are making the choice to share, give, receive or exchange love. In other words you are conditionally controlling where you are investing your love.

Therefore, if you have neither a significant other, or children, or are not someone who is interested in 'short-lived physical interactions', you are in a state in which your love is neither being shared or expressed.
​Enter loneliness (lovelessness).

no love = lack = loneliness.
loneliness = lack of love

Loneliness is a choice, and love is a choice.

Love is something you are, & you become it - by
You are either putting love into washing the dishes, combing your hair, grocery shopping,
​smiling at strangers, cutting your grass, cleaning your bathroom
you. are. not.

Love ​​is the ability to not only be present in all of your daily events and activities, but doing it mindfully, intentionally, lovingly, wholeheartedly, and with gratitude.

Love is the ability to not only notice the tree that soars into the sky but recognizing and appreciating that you never had to do anything to ensure its growth. It is the
ability to be thankful for the life sustaining element it provides you with. It is the remembrance that your life was created in the same one-ness

Love is connecting to the smell of the air in the morning, and the heat of the sun in the afternoon.

Love is peacefully comforting a crying baby as she's challenged by the growing pains no one is able to relate to.

Love is not reacting to the disrespectful coworker in an equally vulgar way, but knowing that her behavior is a
reflection of her broken heart.

Love is a perception. It is a choice.
A way that you choose to connect with your life, and everything you do, every minute of everyday.

If you are choosing to be love only some of the day,
​your truth might be that you are experiencing loneliness for the rest of it.

Choice is the ultimate Power & you've had it all along.

Love. or Lovelessness.


opportunity + darkness

There is so much to gain in times of Darkness.
The experience here is quite different from that of the Light.
It’s not effortless, and not quite as calm.
It is a time & place that demands your
undivided attention.
What you feel here is usually not something you wished for,
& if you did - you didn’t know it.


It is an experience that drags you,
Away from the light.

Often when you arrive to the Darkness,
You’ll question how you got here.
Why am I here? Why me?

Opposing the feelings of those experienced in the Light,
Here, you feel things under the nature of Fear.
Here, you’re usually a little lost, a little confused & a little broken.
Here, is where you’ve accumulated enough of the same unproductive experiences that a power, higher than you in vibration, brought you here to the Dark, to
reconsider your options.
​Here is where you’re given the opportunity to heal, redesign & redefine yourself.
The Darkness, for many, is where Forgiveness happens, & letting go, &
​Self-Power is rediscovered. It is a Divine time & place.

Many different experiences can bring you here;
Imbalance of the Mind or the Body
Lack of Understanding, Direction or Purpose
To name a f​ew…

What is not understood about the Dark is that,

It is as natural & as necessary as Life in the Light
What is learned here can’t be learned elsewhere.
You will visit the Dark many times in your life
Undoubtedly, its purpose is to serve your Greater Good,
Your Highest Power, your Ultimate Purpose.

What you will gain here supersedes the struggle
& the emotional discomfort that you are likely to experience here.
Every time you come to visit,
Attempt to come without resistance,
Come Consciously, with the intention to Grow & Let Go -
Knowing this experience too, won’t last forever.
There are many things to learn & understand during your visit,
& I encourage you to Surrender to the healing that is intended to happen here,
Whatever brought you here, ultimately brought you here to
save you,

on some necessary level; it delivered you from a Place of Love, to
Save you from your own disserving choices.

To help depart you & detach you from your past.

Know that impermanence is the one guarantee in this life.
No experience has the promise of forever,
& there is divine purpose to everything, every experience, every person.
When life brings you change,
Know that its intention is to have you Live a Greater Life Experience,
even if you must pass briefly through an experience of the Dark.
The objective of the Darkness is to have you hone & perfect your Energy,
Your Sensitivity, your Compassion, your Wisdom – your Power.
When sadness is upon you, or anger, or confusion –
Be with it fully do not resist the discomfort.
Become one with the feeling and
let it take you and teach you,
There is tremendous Wealth here, & it is Yours to be Had.


g r a c e + attitude

Life has an inherent flow.

The trees don't require your effort or acknowledgement, the sun and the rain keep them alive so they can keep you breathing. There is a force greater than you that keeps you still, while we spin on this magnificent rock we've named Earth.

Your body has the same inherent flow. It digests food without your efforts or your permission. Your lungs expand and contract oxygenating your body, also without your effort or permission. 

There is a kind of magic that makes things flow, that keeps things growing. Moving. Expanding.

Life is an eternal experience of change & contrast.

While you are busy making plans, daydreaming, hoping and wishing, life is moving through you and around you.
Along the way you are going to discover a great deal about yourself, the things that trigger your self-awareness, your fears, your insecurities. You are continuously learning about what you brings you joy, what feeds your soul, nourishes your mind and what works for your body. Therefore your future is constantly evolving.


As a fellow visionary and planner, I tend to assume that I can create the best map to reach my destination. I think many of us do. And though our efforts do and have taken us places and allowed us to achieve goals, giving us the gift of satisfaction, fulfillment and memories; our way, our design, is often not the most efficient travel plan.

Often, the natural flow of life steps out in front of us, stopping us on our tracks. This disruption often shows up as disatisfaction in work, in our relationships, our health and even our financial 'stability'. These disruptions occur to have us re-evaluate our map. When it feels like we are being forced onto a new path or in a new direction, our power shifts from creating to trusting and allowing.

Can you trust the divine flow of life to take you where you need to go?
Can you allow the unexpected disruptions to move onto a better path?

Can you be patient in letting this new path show you the benefits it can provide you?

Grace includes the ability to recognize and accept unplanned disruptions, and trust them like the Universe has your best interests in mind. Your attitude includes to the power to ask yourself - could this be happening for my best interests? And if it really is - how can I move with this new flow to serve me best?

When something shows up in your life that dampens your spirit or makes you doubt your capabilities or the potential of your dreams actualizing - recognize immediately that there is a valuable experience waiting for you that will help you level up - and move you more effectively towards your dreams.

Let the same Universe that feeds the trees, so that the trees can feed you - help you.
Allow the guidance & give thanks.



s p i r i t + y o u

Q. How do I know if I am Spiritual?

Spirituality is often associated with the consistent practice of self cleansing processes, like meditation, prayer, writing or certain types of energy balancing exercises like yoga or thai chi. These practices most certainly play a significant part of your spiritual process as they are intended to keep you grounded & most obviously, keep you close to the inherent magic of life, like the sky, and the stars and the matter in which everything is created from.

These practices will inevitably bring balance to your mind and body, which essentially
eliminate fear by keeping you close to what’s most important – your breath. The discipline of practicing them will undoubtedly help you to achieve an all around sense of clarity; clarity of purpose, clarity of desire, and clarity of life’s divine truths.
When you are able to maintain this balance and clarity, and fear naturally diminishes, your light begins to shine organically. Some tendencies of those who are committed to these practices are compassion, passion, joy and selflessness. People who have reached that depth of spirituality can accurately be defined as authentic. They carry an air of effortlessness in being themselves and nothing less than. They are honest without the need to argue their perspective. They respect and appreciate the choices others make for their own lives despite their personal opinions or knowledge. They make others feel comfortable and welcomed despite their (equitable) differences.

Authenticity: the ability to be yourself gently, without imposing or needing to define yourself to anything or anyone. The fearlessness to be you, respectfully and lovingly.

Authenticity is the outcome of spirituality whether or not you pray, use or relate to the word God, or listen to the soothing sounds of nature. There is no one way to becoming the most authentic version of you, but from my perspective authenticity is the most divine achievement, spiritually or otherwise.

"Authenticity requires a certain amount of vulnerability, transparency & integrity" - JLS​​

Striving to become spiritual is striving to know the SELF.
It is a journey. An exploration.
A lifetime of discovery.


a n x i e t y

This post is for everyone who experiences that alarming, piercing sensation that illuminates every corner of their body.

I will share with you the 5 most effective practices that helped me eradicate anxiety from my being.



The moment it hits, go to your breath and use this specific Breathing Sequence.
The 4 Count Breath

1. Inhale your breath in (through your nose) to the count of 4 seconds
2. HOLD your breath at the top of on your Inhale for 4 seconds
3. Exhale your breath out (through your nose) to the count of 4 seconds

4. HOLD your breath at the bottom of your Exhale for 4 seconds 

Repeat this for at least 1 full minute, up to 3 minutes if necessary.
After the first 5 breaths of this sequence your nervous system will begin to resettle, calming your entire body and soothing any muscle tension. This will allow your body to soften and your breath to become easy. You may notice that you become slightly light headed, this is common, allow yourself to flow into the peace.

Use this sequence even when you are not experiencing anxiety as a pro-active measure, once in the morning, before lunch and after work.

This breath sequence is also tremendously effective for those who are restless right before sleep or who experience bouts of insomnia. If you experience insomnia, practice this sequence for a minimum of 3 minutes, up to 10 minutes before sleep in a lying down position.

Note: This breath sequence is grounding, not energizing. It is recommended for those who experience higher bouts of energy in the body, not for those who require more energy.



#2. THE  UNTETHERED  SOUL  by  Michael A. Singer

Not exclusive to those who experience anxiety, this book is life changing for anyone with an over-active mind of any kind.

In an effort not to spoil or influence your experience in any way, I will not disclose the information found in this book, to allow you a personal and authentic experience of understanding and healing. However, I will share that it will help you understand your mind and its functionalities on a level that can change and enhance the quality of your life and well-being indefinitely.

Click the link to review the book on Amazon 
The Untethered Soul  by  Michael A. Singer


#3. H O L Y  B A S I L

From my experience, there has been no herbal remedy quite as effective as this one, seriously. In my opinion, its effectiveness is pharmaceutical grade. The best part? 100% natural with no chance of dependency.

Holy Basil is a member of the mint family, known as its botanical form, Ocimum Sanctum.
For more details and information about the herb itself you can click here.

It takes about 30-60 minutes to feel the effects of Holy Basil. I have found that you can take it the moment you begin to feel anxiety come on to prevent the bodily effects of anxiety.

My Experience/Recommendation
+ New Chapter Holy Basil is the most effective, purest brand I have tried.
+ Take 1 Capsule when you are feeling fine just to familiarize yourself with its effect
+ Take 2 Capsules when you feel anxiety come on
+ You can take 1-2 Capsules every day as a pro-active measure
(read more about how Holy Basil helps to regulate the flight/fight response and hormones)
+ I have found that if I am not experiencing hyper/displaced energy in my body, Holy Basil can make feel sleepy/tired.
+ I have found it to be a grounding herb, not an energizing one.

#4. M O V E
& Move Some More

Most people who experience anxiousness are experiencing a surge of energy in the body. Like a bundle of ping pong balls flying around at lightening speed in your body. AND, the more you allow your mind to look for reasons as to why you are experiencing this hyper discomfort, the faster the balls move and the more intense the sensation becomes.

M O V I N G  can be an active measure - as soon as the sensation rises, get up and move to a degree that feels good for you (fast or slow). Moving is also a pro-active measure - keeping your energy at an even keel by choosing an appropriate time of day that you can dedicate to the movement of your body and release/re-organization of your energy.

Moving helps to MOVE the energy out of your body, calming your nervous system and regulating your body in its entirety. The type of movement varies per person. I personally vary daily. I listen to my body on any given day, if it requires a more slow and grounding movement or a more vigorous, energizing activity.

#5. M A N T R A S



+ I am statements help to FOCUS your mind.
+ They help You, the Observer, give your Mind an activity.
+ Your mind begins to repeat your given Mantra, and then your body takes on a new vibration.
+ Your body begins to listen to the mantra and you begin to BECOME it.
++ (That is the beginning of genuine healing. (1)Thoughts become (2)beliefs and then they begin to reshape your (3)reality.)

Important Notes:

1. It took a number of years to learn about all of these tools & then apply them proficiently;
2. Once I applied them, it took roughly 3 months of regular practice, of all 5 things, before I went one month without anxiety
3. I used these teachings and tools regularly, even after I stopped experiencing anxiety;

4. My experience with anxiety has led me to live a more balanced, mindful, and authentic life. It was the very real discomfort of anxiety that helped me make the changes required to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.
5. Anxiety is a CALL INWARD, a Call to CHANGE, a Call to HEAL, a Call to Authenticate.
6. Commitment. I have met many people who "don't have the time" to heal their anxiety holistically. There is nothing wrong with trying Western Medicine, but for me, that was the last option.
7. Trust your intuition, trust your power, READ The Untethered Soul - like, tonight.
8. "You are Powerful beyond Measure." - Marianne Williamson



METANOIA (n.) the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life.

It is a journey, my friends.
With Love,


s t a r s + sadness

We are in a time of immeasurable change & challenging growth.


Our global community is confused, misguided, misinformed and as a result, feeling the pangs of sadness, loss of hope, enthusiasm and interest.

We have made tremendous technological advancements that greeted us with the opportunity to connect, yet we feel lonelier, more distant, more insecure and more vulnerable than ever before.


I believe that when you are meant to be doing better things with your life and can't seem to catch a glimpse of the vision - the Universe has an interesting and relentless way of throwing you curve balls to get your attention, simply to have you revaluate your life and reconsider your options. The question is, what are you doing today that isn't serving your joy in some way? and why?

Sometimes we shock ourselves with our answers, realizing just how much we participate in our own unhappiness. We can easily forget that we are the ones responding to life - sometimes agreeing to do things that our hearts disagree with, or even saying no to things that our hearts really long for. We often let fear win, too often. 

I have noticed more and more people going through experiences that are challenging their comfort zones. Like an epidemic of awakening. As if the Universe is shouting "HEY!! ARE YOU IN THERE? WHY ARE YOU SAD? WE CAN DO BETTER! LET'S MAKE CHANGES!" And honestly - I think people are catching on. They are putting their armour on, gathering their tools, practicing trust and agreeing to go out on a mission called SELF. They are remembering that this life is theirs. They are taking the wheel and steering themselves straight into possibility and opportunity. 

Every project that I plan or engage in has a focus - a core value - an ultimate purpose. Without intention, the focus of each of my projects has remained the same - alleviate suffering & seek to inspire. I am starting to believe my infatuation with that purpose lies within my personal perspective. A perspective that can only and simply be defined as bittersweet. When you see the deep sadness in something you are also able to immediately connect with the deep and remarkable joy of it. I have always naturally looked at the colours of the sky and the sunrise like it's the first time I am seeing it, and every time I watch the sun light up the air I am immediately washed over with the sadness that one day I will look at the sky for the last time, and at the very same time I am crying tears of joy for being able to have witnessed it in that exact moment.

Imagine the way you could delight in the presence of a tree, or a musician, or a colleague, or even a traffic jam, if you could connect with the truth - that one day it will be the last time you lay your eyes on it. Imagine the depth of gratitude you would have, and how suddenly fearless you would become. How much you would want to see and touch and experience. You would look challenge and failure straight in the face and say "Let's play and just see what happens!"


I want to leave you with this seemingly unrelated word - interdependence. Defined as the dependence of two or more people or things on each other.
Call a friend.
Start a book club.
Have a BBQ, invite the whole block.
Go to classes and workshops and events.
Connection is the probably the root of creation, right up there with clarity.

Find people whose vibes LIGHT YOU UP and build a fire together.
Create, cry, hug, get real and make memories.
Won't be long before you're home, a star in the sky once more.


I just want to feel f r e e

I think it's a misunderstanding.
I think what you see
Is the outside -

Your eyes never meet
The energy
It takes
Just to take off.
Just to move
from standing.

It never ends -
The late nights,

Be thankful for what you have -
For your potential,

Your talent - Your strength

Seek understanding.

It's easy to forget what it takes -
What it takes to
feel free.
This is
my own rhythm,
My dance,
The only dance
I know -
This is me being me - 
only way I know how to be.


Real love
Can only come from
one place -
A place of sincerity.

If it's not there, it's not there.


So Thank you -


and thank you anyway.



No hard feelings.


leaving + receiving

When an experience finds it way to closure we almost always feel a sense of loss.


As we begin to notice that the current situation we are living - is leaving, we scurry to avoid feeling pain, confusion and heartbreak.


Often times we don’t know why or when this relationship started to fail, or why we must leave our job, all we know is that when it’s time for it to go, its ending is inevitable. For a period of time we attempt to salvage what is left, save what we can and try to protect ourselves from change.



We resist change in fear of experiencing the unknown. We tend to choose comfort, and what we know, even if it persists feelings of hell, than to seek the possibility of something that may feel better, simply because we haven’t yet focused on what it could look like or how we might get there.

The truth is that our finest moments
​are likely to occur when we are feeling
​deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled.
​For it is only in such moments, 
​propelled by our discomfort,
​that we are likely to step out of our ruts
​and start searching for different ways 
​or truer answers.

- M. Scott Peck​​​

When discomfort arises in our experience (you know the feeling), pushing or pulling or even dragging us away from it,
​its intention is to call us back to the drawing board.
​It’s the Universe saying to us:​ 
“ HEY, the way you eat or the way you smoke or the way you sip that vodka, or your lack of sleep or those tears in those sweet beautiful eyes...
​ it’s telling me you don’t LOVE the life you’re livin’ ”.
“ Let me take you to a place where things feel better. There will be many different people and plenty of opportunities and activities that will get you feeling better
​(& maybe, if you allow it - even inspire you),
​have a lil’ faith in me ”.

The truth is, the end, actually
every ending you will ever have, is always, always and infinitely a beginning.

When you empty your glass, the Universe will find a way, many ways, to fill it. But if you keep your glass full, with good or bad feeling people and experiences, there is no room for new opportunity.
You must be willing to let go, finish things, close the door in order for you to have greater experiences.

A miracle is a shift in perception" – Marianne Williamson
If every time something ended for you, a job, a relationship, a friendship, a ANYTHING, you remembered that something new and something great, now has enough
space to find you, you will never spend more than a couple of hours, maybe even minutes, grieving the loss of a past experience; you might even feel gratitude and appreciation for having had it. 

Loss is challenging, as its intention is to strengthen your character and expand the greatness of your life experience;
there is no real losing in loss.
You lose, You gain.

Despite the hurt in the loss of a friend, you will make another. And alike, despite the worry in the loss of your job, you will find another. All for the beautiful sake of (a greater life) Experience.
Your glass is continuously being refilled, by YOUR command, whether you’re doing it consciously or not. The Universe is in constant motion; lovingly, desperately, attempting to take you to the experiences and feelings that you want to have, that is if
​you would let it take you.


p e r c e p t i o n

Words have official definitions.

A general reference point to help us connect and understand our life experiences.
To help us communicate, build, and define who we are.

The variable: US. YOU. ME.
The person.

You are the variable.
Your perception - your understanding of a word depends on your experience of it.
How you understand love is based on how you have experienced and interpreted it.

Funny might be defined in the dictionary as something that makes a person laugh -
but you - you - define what funny means to you.
What you appreciate about a sense of humour, your brother may not.

As it goes with every other word in language.

I might describe love to be an assortment of honesty, loyalty and trust -

you might define it as affection, patience and playfulness.
If you express love by affection, playfulness or some other away -
I may not
feel your love - simply because of how I have defined love.

I have learned - and continue to learn - that language is actually a
It is a variable that is sourced and shaped by your interpretation of it.
you describe it.

This variable creates separation.
It creates communities.
Laws. Tribes. Religions. Beliefs.
The list continues.


We define our lives by our understanding of language - of words.
We gravitate towards people who define words the same way we do.
We naturally gather people and build communities based on our beliefs -
our perceptions - our understanding of words.

We are always searching to build harmony and when we meet a person who defines our most important words - differently than we do - we (generally) naturally move apart.

The lesson is to withhold judgement.
The lesson and the gift is to understand a word from the mind of another -
and to surrender the need to adjust their definition to either serve you -
your belief that the adjustment could serve them.

You are who you are.
Your perceptions, your definitions, and your understandings are your own.
It is a blessing that you are able to build a tribe with those whose beliefs are aligned with yours.




feeling + freedom

Paradise isn't a place.
It is a
- L. Boyer

To me, freedom means being able to connect with your joy at
any time. It means being able to find excitement and gratefulness about the magic of life at any moment. Freedom is the ability to find peace in chaos, hope in times of struggle, and light in times of darkness.

I don't attach my happiness to an end result. I have deeply realized that the journey to the goal must be as fun and as fulfilling as the potential destination. I have realized that how I
feel while I am creating my goal is just as important, if not more important, than actualizing my goal.

My ability to feel free is solely dependent on my ability to connect with how I am feeling and
make the necessary adjustments for that moment or for my life in its entirety. I never wait till things get really bad, I notice when things are not working well and I make the necessary adjustments. And sometimes those adjustments can mean picking up and leaving entirely. 

Your most powerful tool is that you are a living, feeling, sensing being. You can not only internalize and interpret experiences but you are able to make
choices and decisions that serve you better. This is your power. This power can effect your overall sense of freedom and inevitably your sense of fulfillment.

What choices are you making?
What are you allowing or enabling in your life that isn't serving your happiness?
What is holding you back from letting go of it?
What can you begin to do that can change your experience?

Take time to evaluate your life.
Where are you investing your energy and is it serving your joy and the
life you hope to have?


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